Woman Assistant Commissioner stands defiant against harassers

    “Three young men were harassing the AC while Madam AC was standing courageously in front of the harassers.”

    These are the words of an eyewitness who saw three men in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa harassing Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher.

    The Mansehra Police have claimed that they have arrested three men on charges of harassing Marvi.

    Police official Israr Shah said that according to the preliminary investigation, “this is an incident of harassment. People gathered after seeing the harassment of a woman. They captured the three men and handed them over to police”.

    Marvi Malik Sher is one of the five sisters who passed the civil competitive exam and set a record in Pakistan. The sisters hailing from Haripur district received their early education from a convent school in Rawalpindi.

    In a case registered at Mansehra Police Station, Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher stated that three men in a jeep chased her official vehicle and drove the wrong way to take her photos from their mobile phones.

    “When our vehicle reached Ghazi Kot, they stopped their vehicle in front of our vehicle,” the FIR [First Information Report] stated.

    “The three of them got out of the vehicle and started shouting and abusing. Later they fought with the guard and insulted me. They tried to grab my hand and pull me out of the vehicle, injuring my hand. They also assaulted the driver and urged each other to hit me,” she said.

    “She is the new AC feeding on our own money. We do not accept any AC, DC. Nor do we accept a woman officer, ” she quoted the assailants as saying.

    Zoha Malik, sister of Marvi Malik, has alleged that her sister was attacked because of her gender.

    “Some ruffians tried to attack my sister Marvi Malik Sher last evening for being a female officer. It’s the 21st century and women in leadership posts are still an anomaly to sick and prejudiced, patriarchy-ridden mindsets in our country,” Zoha Malik wrote in a tweet.

    Rights activists in Pakistan claim to fight against the patriarchal notion of “honour” in patriarchal societies that deny women the right to education and health or to choose their partner and have reproductive rights.

    Tensions continue to flare up in Pakistan, especially when the Aurat March, a women’s collective, organises its annual rallies against the violation of women’s rights in Pakistan.

    Security remained tight as Islamist groups organised a Haya (modesty) March to counter the women exercising their right to self-determination and expression.

    Earlier this month, a man was arrested for killing his seven-day-old daughter in Mianwali district because he had wanted a son.

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