Wedding guests kill street vendor, eat food near dead body in Pattoki

    In a shocking incident, guests attending a wedding at a marriage hall in Pattoki in Punjab’s Kasur district mercilessly beat to death a poor street vendor and continued to enjoy the festivities and food while his corpse lay nearby on the floor.

    Kasur police said that a group of wedding guests attacked papad vendor Ashraf Sultan on suspicion that he was a pickpocket. It said the wedding guests left the man’s dead body on the floor inside the wedding hall as they continued with their dinner and festivities.

    According to the FIR [First Information Report] registered by Sultan’s brother-in-law, five to six people beat his relative outside the Al-Jannat wedding hall in Pattoki. The suspects reportedly clashed with the street vendor over the purchase of some rice crackers.

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    “We went and started pleading [with] the people who were beating him [to stop]. They dragged him inside the wedding hall,” the complainant stated in the FIR.

    Pattoki Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Asif Hanif said that the incident was ‘very unfortunate’ and that police were interrogating 13 suspects.

    The murder garnered widespread condemnation on social media after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

    Street vending is a common, if precarious, livelihood for many of Pakistan’s poor. In 2020, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Centre of Street Economy (CSE) and Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Division drafted a bill to regularise and safeguard the rights of street vendors.

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