Christian woman ‘abducted’ on way back from work in Faisalabad: report

    A Christian mother of four was reportedly kidnapped by unidentified men in Faisalabad last month but the police is yet to recover her and arrest the accused, according to her family.
    According to a media report, Mumtaz Bibi, 38, of Essa Nagri in Faisalabad, worked as a domestic worker while her husband, Tariq Masih works in the Punjab Irrigation Department. The couple has four children — two sons and two daughters.
    The report quoted her husband Tariq as saying that on Aug 21, his wife went to work as per her routine and as always she telephoned her eldest son Khurram between 1pm and 2 to pick her up. Khurram was busy at his workplace so he asked his mother to return home on an auto-rickshaw, he added.
    When Mumtaz did not reach home, her family tried to contact her on her phone but it was switched off. The family eventually contacted the Ghulam Mohammadabad Police Station which registered a missing person FIR [First Information Report].
    According to the report, on Aug 31, Tariq received information that a rickshaw driver had seen his wife being forcibly taken in a car on the day she went missing. The unnamed source also told him that the witness had recorded the entire incident on his mobile phone.
    The report stated that Tariq Masih and his family were now currently in search of the witness. It said that Tariq had shared the information with the police as well but they were not being cooperative.
    Earlier on Aug 11, two teenage Christian girls were allegedly abducted on gunpoint by two persons in the Nankana Sahib district.


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    In an FIR [First Information Report] No. 507/21 registered with the Nankana Saddar Police Station on Aug 12, Mumtaz Bibi, the mother of 16-year-old Simran and aunt of 15-year-old Sheeza, claimed that the family had gone to Faisalabad to attend a funeral leaving behind her daughter Simran, disabled son Anoosh, and her brother Ghafoor Masih’s daughter Sheeza.

    “When we returned home, Simran and Sheeza were not there. My son Anoosh told us that the two had been allegedly kidnapped from outside the house by Ali Raza and Lali Iqbal,” she stated in the FIR.

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