Another Ahmadi worship place vandalized by police

    Attacks are continuing on worship places of the minority Ahmadiyya community, as police vandalized the minaret of a worship place in Burewala on Tuesday.

    The police personnel broke the minaret and took the debris with them. The place of worship was built 53 years ago, a community spokesperson said.

    The Ahmadi community expressed concern over the incidents and said that the state institutions must provide protection to their vulnerable segments, who are facing persecution from the extremist elements of society.

    “It is sad that in our beloved country, the state institutions have become the tools of the extremists instead of controlling them,” the spokesperson said.

    “The name of our beloved country is being defamed in the international arena due to these actions of extremists. Whereas, Our state is lecturing the world against Islamophobia,” he added.

    The spokesperson lamented that the Ahmadi community had played a prominent role in the establishment of Pakistan, however, it continues to be targetted by the same groups who were opposed to the creation of this country.

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