Ahmadi worship place vandalised, minarets razed in Karachi

    A Muslim mob destroyed the minarets of an Ahmadi place of worship and inscribed hateful graffiti on its walls in Karachi, a community spokesperson said.

    The spokesperson said that the place of worship, named ‘Bait ul Mubarak’, was built before the creation of Pakistan. He added that this was the eleventh attack on an Ahmadi place of worship this year.

    “The government has utterly failed to provide security to Ahmadi places of worship in a clear violation of the Supreme Court 2014 ruling,” the spokesperson said. The statement added that the government of Sindh failed to act despite “a wave of attacks on Ahmadi centers in Karachi”.

    On July 15, Punjab police demolished the minarets of an Ahmadi place of worship in Jhelum following a campaign in the area by Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) seeking the destruction of the minarets. The incident took place in the Kala Gujran area of the Jhelum district.

    Asim Ashfaq Rizvi, a TLP leader, had threatened the District Police Officer (DPO) Jhelum that if the administration did not bring down the minarets by 10th Muharram, the TLP will gather people and do it themselves.

    Prior to these incidents, the Ahmadi community was harassed by the police on Eid, with a number of members being arrested for trying to perform the ritual sacrifice of Eid.

    There has been a rise in instances of harassment of the community over the past few months, especially in the Punjab province.

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