Sindh court frees tuition centre pedophile after parents pardon him

    A court in Khairpur district in Sindh province on Thursday acquitted a retired schoolteacher who was arrested three years ago after videos of him allegedly raping his students at his house had emerged on social media.

    He was accused of sexually assaulting and filming dozens of minor children.

    The court has acquitted him due to “lack of evidence”.

    After scrutinising evidence and police reports, the Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge-IV, Khairpur acquitted retired teacher Sarang Shar.

    In 2020, videos and pictures had emerged on social media showing schoolteacher Sarang Shar allegedly sexually assaulting a young boy in his house in Thari Mirwah town, Khairpur, where he ran a private tuition centre.

    The child sexual abuse scandal sent shockwaves through the district with angry residents and activists demanding justice for the students. The families of two of the alleged victims filed separate cases against the retired government teacher.

    The suspect was alleged to have raped his pupils, and filmed the ghastly act. He was also accused of forcing his students to commit sodomy with each other. All the students who were studying at his tuition centre were aged between 10 to 12 years.

    A report by an NGO working on child protection, Sahil, has revealed that over 12 children were sexually abused daily in Pakistan and as many as 4,253 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in Pakistan during 2022.

    In 2021, the ‘Cruel Numbers’ data by Sahil revealed that 2,325 girls and 1,928 boys had been victims of sexual abuse. This means that there has been a 33 percent increase since 2021.

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