18yo woman killed, body set on fire in Sindh

    Unidentified suspects killed an 18-year-old woman and set her body on fire on Indus Highway in Nasirabad, Sindh.

    According to medical examination, the woman is suspected of being killed with an axe or another sharp object. The suspects sprinkled petrol on the woman’s body and set it on fire.

    The identity of the deceased woman could not be ascertained.

    Pakistan is often ranked among the worst countries for women’s security.

    According to the global gender gap index 2022, out of 146 countries, Pakistan ranked 145th, with a growth of only 0.008 since 2021, and due to the lack of a support system, financial dependency, and victim blaming, one out of two Pakistani women do not report violence committed against them.

    Earlier, the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) revealed that 40% of women in Pakistan — as per studies — have experienced physical or emotional violence in their lifetime.

    Meanwhile, divorced, widowed, and separated women suffered more violence than married women.

    Not to mention, ‘honour’ killing has also been a common practice in Pakistan, despite legal reforms. Both international and Pakistani activists and activist groups have pushed for an end to the practice.

    The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan listed 460 cases of reported ‘honour’ killings in 2017, with 194 male and 376 females as victims. Of these murders, 253 were sparked by the disapproval of illicit relations and 73 by the disapproval of marriage choice. Human rights activists claim that the number is much higher.

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