Ahmadi homeopath shot dead in Gujrat

    An Ahmadi homeopathic doctor was shot dead in Gujrat on Sunday evening amid a rise in persecution of the minority community, a spokesperson said.

    The 75-year-old victim was identified as Dr Rasheed Ahmed and was stated to be a Norwegian citizen. Dr Ahmed had set up a clinic in Goteryala area of Gujrat district.

    According to a tweet by Ahmadi community spokesperson Amir Mahmood, Dr Rasheed did not have any personal enmity.

    “His wife and children live abroad while he was running a free dispensary in his residence to serve the locals,” Mahmood stated.

    Mahmood said that they had also received information that Dr Rasheed’s suspected killer, Hafiz Inam, was found dead in the fields near the victim’s residence.

    “The suspected killer is said to have committed suicide after murdering Dr Rasheed. He was known to harbour anti-Ahmadi sentiments. According to reports, police have arrested an accomplice of the suspected killer,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

    The spokesperson expressed grief over the killing of Dr Rasheed and urged the government to take action against the hate campaign being perpetrated against the Ahmadi community.


    Pakistan is home to a significant population of Ahmadis, however, the group continues to face persecution and discrimination in the country for many years.

    In 1974, the Pakistani government declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims, effectively stripping them of their religious rights and freedoms. This designation has had far-reaching consequences for the community in Pakistan, including restrictions on their ability to worship freely and a general atmosphere of mistrust and hatred towards the group.

    The persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan has only escalated in recent years with reports of mob violence, arson attacks on their places of worship, and targeted killings.

    In 2020, a mob attacked an Ahmadi mosque in the city of Jhelum, resulting in the death of five worshippers and injuring many more. This incident was just one in a string of similar attacks against Ahmadis continuing till date, resulting in the deaths of at least 22 people since 2017.

    International organisations and rights groups have long been calling for an end to the persecution of the community in Pakistan, and for the government to take steps to protect their rights and ensure their safety.

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