Ahmadi lawyer booked for using ‘Syed’ prefix in name

    Karachi police have registered a case against an Ahmadi lawyer for using ‘Syed’ as a prefix in his name.

    The accused had been representing other Ahmadis before a court and submitted some documents in connection with the case. The complainants sought action against the lawyer for using ‘Syed’ as a prefix. He was booked under Section 298-B and C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) by the Karachi City Court police station.

    According to Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya press in-charge Amir Mehmood, this was the first time an Ahmadi had been booked (in part) over their name under the nation’s Ahmadiyya-specific penal provisions. He said the registration of the FIR was representative of rising religious extremism in Pakistan, adding that tolerance was at such a level that Ahmadis’ names were now being used to persecute them.

    Pakistan’s minority Ahmadi community is routinely subjected to discrimination which often enjoys legal and state patronage.

    A school in Punjab’s Attock district expelled four Ahmadi students over their confession earlier in September. A relative of the students said they had been expelled for simply being Ahmadi. He said a class fellow of one of the students had been harassing one of the students for some time. The students were expelled after some parents prevailed over school principal Kulsoom Awan.

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