Christian youth killed in Lahore clash

    Christian activists are condemning the murder of a 25-year-old Christian youth in a conflict between two communities in Lahore’s Factory Area on Feb 14.

    According to various reports, a mob of around 200 people gathered in a street near the house of Pervaiz Masih in the LDA Quarters area, a Christian majority area, while hurling abuses. Some armed men also resorted to firing into the air, residents claimed.

    Pervaiz, who was fatally bludgeoned with a brick, had six sisters and his relative had also been injured during a clash between the two groups a day earlier over the construction of a wall in the neighborhood. An FIR of the violent incident has been registered.

    Cantonment SP Essa Sukhera said the killing was an outcome of a personal dispute. “It wasn’t a mob lynching. The culprits had personal vendetta over the FIR,” he added.

    The police said they had arrested one person in connection with the incident and registered a murder case. An investigation into the matter was underway.

    Samson Salamat, chairman of Rawadari Tehreek, visited the family of Pervaiz hours after his death.

    “It’s very painful for us. Another Christian youth has been murdered in broad daylight in the presence of police. The local police station is responsible. The incompetent police officials should be suspended as well,” he said.

    “The Christian youth had registered a police complaint about the clash a day earlier. The murderers are influential criminals. The FIR was deliberately delayed and registered the next day. We are tired of condemnations. We demand an impartial investigation.”

    “We appeal to higher authorities for security. We are also humans like you. The Muslim community doesn’t support us. We are considered lesser in status. We demand justice. Law is equal for everyone. Our mistakes are given a religious fervor” said Erick Bhatti, a local activist blaming local drug dealers for the murder.


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