Karachi bakery faces backlash for refusing to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on cake

    A Karachi-based bakery is under fire on social media after one of its workers refused to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on a cake owing to “orders from the kitchen”.

    The incident was reported on a Facebook group by a woman who went to Delizia’s branch in Khayaban-e-Jamil to buy a Christmas cake. In her post, she claimed that the person at the counter said he was not “allowed to write it and they have been given a order from the kitchen about this”.

    Speaking to a local media outlet, the bakery management termed it an “act of an individual”.

    “At the moment we are taking action against him. It was done in an individual capacity and is not company policy. It may have been done due to lack of education and awareness that ‘Merry Christmas’ means wishing someone a happy Christmas, nothing else.”

    According to the media report, this was not the first instance that the bakery found itself in hot water for such an act. In 2018, in a similar incident, a woman was denied ‘Merry Christmas’ on her cake by Delizia’s branch in Badar Commercial due to “company instructions”. At the time, the bakery had termed it an individual act and said the company didn’t endorse such acts of intolerance.

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