Missing Baloch teacher returns home a month after abduction: report

    Baloch schoolteacher, Javed Baloch has returned to his home in Khuzdar a month after he was allegedly picked up by unknown persons, his family said.

    Javed’s father had alleged that his son had been abducted for his continual efforts to educate the Baloch youth and his participation in a missing persons protest held on Eid, according to a Voicepk report.

    “We are happy our beloved Javed is back but we do not want to go into details of the incident – who abducted him and for what reasons,” Javed’s uncle told the media outlet.

    Javed Baloch graduated from the University of Agriculture (UOA), Faisalabad and was working as a part-time chemistry teacher in a private school in Khuzdar. Later he started working as a salesperson at a fertilizer company from where he was allegedly abducted by 10 unidentified armed individuals on May 4. A First Information Report (FIR) was lodged three days later as his whereabouts remained unknown. Javed had been preparing to sit for UOAs entrance exam for further studies on June 2, which he missed due to his disappearance.

    Javed returned home safely after continual efforts by human rights activists, social media campaigns and efforts by Baluchistan National Party Mengal’s (BNP-M) leader, Akhtar Mengal to help recover him. Several protests were carried out by Baloch students studying in Faisalabad University who demanded Javed’s safe return home.

    The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said that the human rights situation in Baluchistan remained a cause for concern in 2022, as security agencies continued to abduct people with impunity amid allegations that many of the abductees were killed in “fake encounters”.

    The HRCP made the observation in its assessment report of human rights situation in Baluchistan in 2022.

    According to the report, state agencies continued to unlawfully disappear people, especially political activists, throughout 2022. The report stated that Baloch students based in other provinces were also picked up, sparking protests by their families. Human rights groups based in Baluchistan have expressed concerns that the missing persons were being killed in ‘fake encounters’ by CTD.

    Several people who were killed by CTD over terror charges were later reported to be political activists or students.

    The report said that Voice for Baloch Missing Persons registered 257 cases of enforced disappearance in the province in 2022, while another organization working on enforced disappearances said that Baluchistan has the highest proportion of people who are ‘still disappeared’, at over 75 percent. So far little detail has been provided about these disappearances.

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